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Ebrington Hotel Pool

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If you’re seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, The Ebrington offers a luxurious, sophisticated spa and wellness centre to help you feel your best. 

Step into a paradise of modern leisure facilities that cater to your every whim. Our state-of-the-art spa offers an array of soothing treatments that will melt away your stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Lay back in our restoring hydrotherapy pool before enjoying a treatment from one of our expert therapists. Melt away stress in our Sauna or Steam room. For the fitness enthusiasts, our well-equipped gym provides the perfect space to stay active during your stay. 

The Spa at Ebrington

Welcome to a sanctuary of tranquility, where your mind, body and well-being takes centre stage. Located within the historic 4 Star Ebrington Hotel, the Spa is an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a blend of treatments as vibrant and inspiring as the city itself.  

Step through our doors and embark on a transformative journey designed to awaken your senses, restore your balance, and replenish your spirit. With an unwavering commitment to impeccable service and meticulous attention to detail, we have curated a blissful retreat where every element has been carefully crafted to cater to your needs. 

Treatments and therapies

The Spa at Ebrington offers our guests a range of exquisite treatments and therapies. Treat yourself and indulge in a revitalising massage that eases tension, melts away stress, and rejuvenates you from head to toe. Or enjoy a refreshing facial or body treatment, leaving your skin radiant and glowing. For guests with a more requirement, why not enjoy one of our rituals, which focus on helping you feel your best. 

Whilst you wait, prepare in our thermal suite, where you can relax in our hydrotherapy pool, warm up your muscles in our sauna or cleanse yourself in our steam room. 

Hydrotherapy pool & thermal suite

Step into the soothing waters and feel your worries melt away as gentle bubbles caress your skin, relieving tension and revitalising your senses. The pool’s carefully calibrated temperature and therapeutic jets create a bespoke hydrotherapy experience, promoting both physical and mental wellbeing. Surrender to the calming ambiance and allow yourself to drift into a state of blissful tranquility. Whether you seek solace after an intense workout or simply wish to unwind, our hydrotherapy pool promises to envelop you in its healing embrace, leaving you refreshed, revitalised, and ready to embrace life’s joys with a renewed sense of serenity. 

Our thermal area is where you can rest on poolside loungers and allow your body to settle into a relaxed state. Complete with a modern Sauna and Steam room, this zone is a luxurious space to rest and relieve lingering tensions.  

Restore your balance and replenish your spirit