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Noel McMeel, described by Forbes Magazine as “The King of Irish Cuisine” is a multi-award-winning and highly acclaimed champion of Irish produce as well as being a respected author and broadcasterIn a glittering career he has worked in some of the world’s top restaurants and catered for a host of global celebrities including the McCartney-Mills’ wedding and participants in the G8 summit that took place at in Northern Ireland and included world leaders such as US President Barack Obama, Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world. In his new role at the Ebrington Hotel Noel McMeel will be offering a true gastronomic journey for each guest  
Northern Irish cuisine is inspired by the nature that surrounds us…

Northern Irish cuisine is inspired by the nature that surrounds us…


Leigh Thurston Hed Chef of the Ebrington Hotel believes that Northern Irish cuisine today is in great shape and explains: “We have some of the world’s best suppliers on our doorsteps.  It’s all about telling the customer about the food, but also the person behind the food: who is the supplier and what they passionately do. It makes the relationships we have with these producers very personal which, as well as consistent quality, is another reason why we have been working with so many of them for so long.”  Head Chef Leigh will Be covering a wide range menus to our fine dining restaurant. The Ebrington has cultivated a reputation for refined farm-to-table cuisine, generous hospitality and elegant design at the fine dining restaurant looking over the City. 
Leigh  always believed in Food Art as LANDSCAPEs OF IDEAS